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聯系我們Contact Us


電話 Telephone:0562-8832088

手機 mobile phone:晏先生 18956297822  張先生 13909642380  徐先生13865625544

電子郵箱 mail box:tltjft@126.com

地址: 銅陵市經濟技術開發區翠湖四路3118號

Address: No. 3118, Cuihu 4th Road, Tongling Economic and Technological Development Zone

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創新務實 超越自我 追求

Innovation, pragmatism, transcendence and excellence

       把創新作為企業發展的基礎,不僅要技術創新,在產品、市場、管理、體制和觀念上也要創新,而創新的基礎就是要腳踏 實地的去實現。企業和員工不斷挑戰自己,制定超越自我目標。我們把至善至美、不斷創新、追求、精益 求精作為自己的追求目標,這也是我們終發展理念。

Taking innovation as the basis of enterprise development, we should not only innovate in technology, but also in products, markets, management, systems and concepts. The basis of innovation is to realize it on a down-to-earth basis. Enterprises and employees constantly challenge themselves, set goals beyond themselves, and never be complacent. We take perfection, continuous innovation, excellence and excellence as our goal, which is also our ultimate development concept.

創新 技術 服務 資源

Innovative technology service resources

不斷提高企業員工的技術水準,增加企業的技術含量;不斷創新自己的運營模式,滿足市場及客戶的要求,力爭自己的影 響力永遠。

Constantly improve the technical level of the employees, increase the technical content of the enterprise; constantly innovate their own operation mode, meet the requirements of the market and customers, and strive to lead their influence forever.

客戶的需求 用戶的滿意

Customer needs customer satisfaction

我們充分考慮客戶的各種需求,把服務延伸到售前,并把“用戶的滿意”作為衡量我們服務的標準,在盡努力來滿足 用戶各種需求的同時,也為客戶提供多種個性化服務模式,將客戶的需求變為現實,實現上的雙贏 。

We fully consider the needs of customers, extend the service to the pre-sale, and take "user satisfaction" as the standard to measure our service. We try our best to meet the needs of users, but also provide customers with a variety of personalized service modes, turn the needs of customers into reality, and achieve maximum win-win.



電子郵箱 mail box:tltjft@126.com

地址: 銅陵市經濟技術開發區翠湖四路3118號

Address: No. 3118, Cuihu 4th Road, Tongling Economic and Technological Development Zone



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