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聯系我們Contact Us


電話 Telephone:0562-8832088

手機 mobile phone:晏先生 18956297822  張先生 13909642380  徐先生13865625544

電子郵箱 mail box:tltjft@126.com

地址: 銅陵市經濟技術開發區翠湖四路3118號

Address: No. 3118, Cuihu 4th Road, Tongling Economic and Technological Development Zone

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Tongling Copper Based Powder Technology Co., Ltd., founded in October 2010, is located in Tongling national economic and Technological Development Zone. It is a private scientific and technological enterprise integrating research and development, production and sales of atomized copper powder and copper alloy powder.  The company has its own technology research and development team, and has established a long-term technical cooperation, information exchange, new product test production, learning and research cooperation system with relevant scientific research institutes, universities, etc., to continuously improve the company's technological innovation and product performance stability.

The company's leading products are five series of pure copper powder, copper tin alloy powder and copper zinc alloy powder, which are mainly used in powder metallurgy, chemical catalyst, friction materials, chip welding, brazing materials and other fields. The products have been tested by China nonferrous metal industry quality supervision and inspection center, national copper lead zinc quality supervision and inspection center, Anhui product quality supervision institute and other batches. The key technical indicators are at the leading level in the industry. At present, the products have completely replaced the imports Application performance wins the trust of customers at home and abroad.

The company always adheres to the business philosophy of innovation and development, dedication to customers, pursues the business tenet of quality first, integrity and win-win, and provides customers with assured products and intimate services.

We sincerely welcome customers at home and abroad to visit us for guidance and cooperation!



電子郵箱 mail box:tltjft@126.com

地址: 銅陵市經濟技術開發區翠湖四路3118號

Address: No. 3118, Cuihu 4th Road, Tongling Economic and Technological Development Zone



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